Meet Our Golden Girls: A Heartwarming Tale of Four Nigerian Dwarf Goats

At Abbey Road Farm, our commitment to sustainable agriculture goes hand in hand with our love for animals. Nestled amidst the picturesque vineyards and rolling hills of Oregon’s wine country, our farm is not only home to lush vineyards and charming accommodations but also to a delightful quartet of Nigerian Dwarf goats, each with a personality as vibrant as their namesakes from the beloved TV series, “The Golden Girls.”

Allow us to introduce you to our charming residents, inspired by the iconic characters who stole hearts and brought laughter to millions:

1. Blanche:

Meet Blanche, the epitome of Southern charm and sass. With her striking blue eyes and graceful demeanor, Blanche captivates visitors with her playful antics and affectionate nature. Whether she’s frolicking in the pasture or basking in the sun, Blanche exudes charm and charisma, just like her namesake from “The Golden Girls.

2. Rose:

Say hello to Rose, the sweet and gentle soul of our goat family. With her doe-eyed innocence and endearing personality, Rose never fails to melt hearts with her curious nature and boundless affection. Whether she’s nibbling on grass or cuddling with her companions, Rose embodies the kindness and warmth of her namesake from the iconic TV series.

3. Dorothy:

Don’t let her no-nonsense attitude fool you—Dorothy is the wise and witty matriarch of our goat clan. With her piercing gaze and unmistakable presence, Dorothy commands respect and admiration from all who meet her. Whether she’s leading her companions on adventures or keeping watch over the farm, Dorothy embodies the strength and wisdom of her namesake from “The Golden Girls.”

4. Sophia:

Last but certainly not least, we have Sophia, the feisty and spirited elder stateswoman of our goat family. With her sharp wit and larger-than-life personality, Sophia keeps us on our toes with her mischievous antics and playful demeanor. Whether she’s causing mischief in the barn or charming visitors with her wit, Sophia brings joy and laughter wherever she goes, much like her namesake from the beloved TV series.

Come visit Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia at Abbey Road Farm and experience the magic of the Golden Girls firsthand. Our charming goat residents are ready to welcome you with open hooves and hearts.