Abbey Road Farm: Expanding Our Wine Distribution!

At Abbey Road Farm, we are thrilled to share exciting news about the growing availability of our wines. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Distribution Sales Manager, Nathalie, our wines are now more accessible than ever, appearing in an array of fantastic locations and soon to be available in even more!

Discover Our Wines in Your Favorite Spots

We are proud to announce that you can now enjoy Abbey Road Farm wines at some of the best restaurants, cruise experiences, and markets in the area. Whether you’re dining out or enjoying a special occasion, our wines are there to elevate your experience. Here are some of the places where you can find our wines:

  • Quaintrelle: Savor our wines alongside exquisite dishes crafted with locally-sourced ingredients.
  • Portland Spirit Cruises: Enhance your cruise experience with a glass of our fine wine as you take in the breathtaking views of Portland’s waterfront.
  • NW Fresh Seafood: Pair our wines with fresh, delectable seafood for a perfect culinary match.
  • Trellis: Enjoy a sophisticated dining experience complemented by our carefully selected wines.
  • Red Hills Market: Discover our wines in a vibrant community market setting.
  • Tucci: Experience the blend of Italian cuisine and our wines in a charming atmosphere in Lake Oswego.
  • Good Company: Relish in a welcoming environment with our wines enhancing cheese selection.
  • 5 Spice: Indulge in an Asian-fusion dining experience with our wines.
  • Pizza Capo: Pair your favorite pizza with a glass of our wine for a delightful combination in this McMinnville favorite.

Available in Grocery Stores Near You

For those who prefer to enjoy our wines at home, we have expanded into grocery stores, making it easier for you to pick up a bottle during your routine shopping trips. Find our wines at:

  • Fred Meyer: Conveniently available at the Newberg location for all your shopping needs.
  • Nap’s Thriftway in Newberg: Stocking our wines for the Newberg community and beyond.

Expanding Horizons

Our journey doesn’t stop here! Our Distribution Sales Manager is continually working to bring Abbey Road Farm wines to even more locations. We are dedicated to making our wines accessible to a broader audience, so keep your eyes open for Abbey Road Farm wines in restaurants and grocery stores near you.

Stay Connected

We are excited about this growth and can’t wait for you to find and enjoy our wines in these new locations. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on where you can find Abbey Road Farm wines next. Thank you for your continued support and cheers to new beginnings!