Photo by Kathryn Elsesser Photography

As co-owners of Quaintrelle, a farm-to-table restaurant, Daniel and Sandi Wilkens have developed a great appreciation and admiration for the agricultural landscape in Oregon. From the moment they stepped onto Abbey Road Farm, they felt an immediate connection to the land. They envisioned a destination that celebrates the bounty of Yamhill County and their passion for food, wine, hospitality, and agriculture. To fulfill their vision, they have converted the farmable acreage into a vineyard and have plans to add a produce farm. They have focused on lesser-known grapes, in addition to pinot noir.

The produce farm will supply their own farm-to table restaurant, as well as other establishments and farmer’s markets. They will continue the Silo Suites B&B operations! The goal of the farm is to be a place where anyone can come and enjoy the best of Oregon’s food, wine and hospitality. This is carrying on the vision of the former owner who fell in love with the concept of “agritouismo” while spending a good portion of his youth in Europe. They want to honor his vision and take it to the next level.