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Abbey Road Farm

At Abbey Road Farm, our mission is to cultivate an immersive sanctuary where the art of winemaking meets the essence of hospitality. We are committed to crafting exceptional wines from our vineyard, offering a haven for exploration and connection in our inviting tasting room. Through our versatile event spaces, we strive to host memorable gatherings, fostering moments of joy and celebration. Our bed and breakfast extends a warm embrace, providing a tranquil escape intertwined with the allure of vineyard and farm life. Rooted in passion and dedicated to excellence, we aim to curate experiences that inspire, delight, and leave an indelible mark on the senses and hearts of all who visit.

About Abbey Road Farm


In 2017, Daniel and Sandi Wilkens acquired Abbey Road Farm with the goal of establishing a distinctive destination in Oregon Wine Country. Their vision was to showcase a fervent commitment to hospitality and a dedication to organic practices, utilizing the soil and land to craft exquisite wines and beyond. Since that time, they have cultivated more than 45 acres of vineyards, featuring a diverse range of 16 different grape varieties. Additionally, they transformed a horse riding arena into a top-tier event space and curated an inviting tasting experience, offering a selection of distinctive wines and incredible food.


Quiaintrelle, located on SE Clinton is dedicated to the ongoing enhancement of technique in both culinary artistry and hospitality. Our deliberate focus on high-quality ingredients and the meticulous execution of our culinary philosophy aim to provide a distinctive and immersive experience in a world that often leans towards the commonplace ease of convenience.